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Brad Fonseca

I also found this:

"Pymapper is a map making utility used for role-playing games. The tile
images are provided by the user and can be any jpg or png format image.
Finished maps can be printed scaled down or full size for easy use in
your gaming sessions.

There is also game support for the Paizo Pathfinder and Dungeons &
Dragons 3.5 and 5th Edition rulesets.

A fog-of-war option is also available for those of you lucky enough to
have a projector or other dual screen system.

Pymapper is actively developed in the python computer language, and the
source code is available for download, as well as windows executables."


"Pymapper is open source, and freely available. The source code
requires python 2.x (but not python 3*), and wxpython 2.8 (and not
wxPython 3*). You will need those installed if you wish to run the
native source code, which is required for those on Linux or MacOS.
Windows users can opt to run the source code, or may run the program as
a windows executable.

*Note: You can try to use python 3.x, and wxpython 3.x…no guarantees
what will happen. I’d love to get your feedback though!

As always, if you find problems, please email bugs@... for



On 30/11/18 12:51 PM, Brad Fonseca via Groups.Io wrote:

I hope this isn't against the rules but I'm looking for a campaign
mapping application (e.g. Campaign Cartographer or AutoREALM) that will
work in Linux. The program can be web-based and I don't mind paying a
(reasonable) fee to use the software.

Does anyone here have any suggestions?


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