Re: Using .FORGET on a spell

"Bryan Hanson

On Sun, Dec 1, 2019 at 07:20 AM, markjmeans wrote:
Thank you for your response, and sorry in my delay, but I wanted to get to where i could verify something.  I thought I had tried VISIBILITY as a work around and confirmed that yes I had.  Spells seem to be one of the places where visibility does not work. I can see the point of adding the PRE requirement, but that still seems like a work around.  

And it really doesn't answer my question of how should FORGET be working with spells. Is it expected that they still appear int eh known spells list in the GUI for you to select or is that really a bug. To my mind if they are forgotten then they should not show up anywhere.  The GUI included.

I also see your point about the potential issue with other sources and impacts, but that is a completely different issue. 


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