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I know I can do that, but then that's just a list of spell names, whereas what we want is the full spell descriptions, *just* for the prepared spells.

Means that the big-bad has maybe 2-3 pages of spells rather than 23(!) and all the spell area effect/range/affect calculations are all done.

I'd second Ferret's plea.

The standard output for a Prepared-spell caster, is to print the entire spellbook, plus a small condensed table of names of spells prepared.

Our PCs don't use this option - the players faff around with their spell choices and dip into the big fat splat books they like so much;

I, on the other hand, as SG, would like to have explanatory notes for the spells and effects that an NPC is about to use for 10-20mins, before I move to the next NPC.

I'd like a spellbook for PREPARED casters, which looks like the spellbook for the SPONTANEOUS casters - expanded details of current spells known or prepared. Then when the notes state "cast cast Ferret Weaver's Incantation Of Fiery Words" I have some idea what it does, without having to

1) determine on the fly which book it comes from

2) find the book

3) find the spell in the book


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