Using .FORGET on a spell

"Bryan Hanson

I am crossposting this from pcgenlstfilehelp to see if anyone here may know the answer to my question.  It has not garnered any response on that group. 

 have tried searching and don't know if I am doing something wrong, this is a bug (known or not), or just not supported.  (or how it should work)

For some reason .FORGET doesn't seem to work for me on a spell. I went back and recreated it with just the RSRD and a simple homebrew LST to make sure it was not something else in the datasets causing an issue.  

After trying this and reloading everything (even exiting the program just to make sure) 


And the spell is still showing up on the spell list for known spells.  What is odd is that I see an error introduced in the rsrd_kits.lst file with an unconstructed reference tot he spell Alarm so i am assuming it is actually forgetting it.  Likely the line in that file with the error is 

SPELLS:SPELLBOOK=Prepared Spells|Daze|Detect Magic=2|Resistance|Alarm|Charm Person|Color Spray|Mage Armor|Magic Missile=2|Blur|Bull's Strength|Darkness|Fox's Cunning|See Invisibility|Dispel Magic|Displacement|Fly|Lightning Bolt|Invisibility (Greater)|Phantasmal Killer|Scrying|Stoneskin|Hold Monster|Lightning Bolt[Empower Spell]|Wall of Force

So the question is if it is forgetting the spell, why is it showing up on the spell list of known spells  in the program?  Using a different spell (Hideous Laughter) which does NOT throw any errors 

Hideous Laughter.FORGET

I see the same thing.  Datasets load fine this time and show green. but when I go to add spells it is still on the list.  

I can .MOD and .COPY the spell just fine, it is when i just use .FORGET it doesn't seem to go away from the spell list. 

Am i doing something wrong or is this an issue?


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