Re: Issues Creating Animated Object In Pathfinder 1e

Andrew Maitland

Wouldn't surprise me. A lot of things are just text without actually changing the attributes.

Coding it to work shouldn't be too hard, but it will take time.


On 11/27/2019 7:43 PM, allencohn wrote:

Hello everyone!

This might just be operator error, but...

I'm trying to create a large animated object with in Pathfinder 1e with loaded CR, APG, Bestiary, and Ultimate Magic. There does not seem to be a template with which to create this monster. Maybe that's on purpose.

When I try to select the large animated object race I'm having trouble applying some of the UM Construction Points options. As best as I can tell, none of the following have an effect on the preview character sheet:

* Ranged attack (one attack) [maybe I just need to find the right "weapon"...the analog of a the Inventory tab to add, but I can't find it]
* Exceptional reach (one attack)
* Improved attack (melee)

If these are not operator errors, I'll happily create JIRA entries for them.



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