Re: Magic of Faerun and FR data sheets

Andrew Maitland

If you obtained the data sets from a 3rd party source, you should read the instructions they provide. In most cases, "installing" is merely placing the correct folders in the proper locations.

Data sources = data (You have three locations to choose from)

Outputsheets = outputsheets

game mode folder = system/gameModes

Make sure the version of pcgen supports the files as well. There are significant deprecations between major releases of pcgen that are not backwards compatible. 5.12 files will not work in 5.16, and 6.0 files will not work with 6.06, and even today, 6.08 is different than 6.09.

Hope that helps.

On 11/8/2019 3:12 PM, Ramon Menendez wrote:
I am trying to set up PCGEN 3.5 and need the races and other stuff from Magic of Faerun and FR... can anyone help.  I also need to know how to install them


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