Re: Pathfinder 2 or playtest?

Andrew Maitland

Eh? The playtest shouldn't have snuck into there.

PF2 the official version is in progress, I haven't completed it yet. Alchemist and Barbarian are completed. Debating Alchemical Formulas - where to fit them. The rest of the classes are getting a relook as I go.

Races - Pretty much done.

Backgrounds - Not fully implemented

Class Feats - Alchemist completed
Equipment - Completed by Brad
Spells - Need review

On 9/28/2019 2:32 PM, Joel Fischoff wrote:
Just a quickie: the Pathfinder 2 option shows the cover for the Pathfinder 2 Playtest book.?? Is it the playtest version or the newer core rulebook in RC7?

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