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If you’re not playing PFS Organized Play v1, then you can ignore the next paragraph…


But if you’re trying to load all the sources because you are playing PFS Organized Play, then while it is understandable that you may want to do that as a way to research possibilities, it’s still best to start your character with a smaller number of sources. A starting character can’t afford items, feats and abilities to take advantage of EVERY source anyway. Plus you are required to only use sources that you personally own (either as the real book or by PDF) or use limited access to sources as needed to resolve any items in the character’s chronicle sheets. Even if you personally own more than 20 sources I would not start a new PC that many. Also don’t load any sources you know aren’t going to e useful, such as the Gnomes book (unless you are actually playing a Gnome). As the character develops, load more sources when PCG opens and then open the character to add the new sources to the character as needed. You can use Archives of Nethys to research items and rules as you gain resources and levels to know which sources you need to add.


For GM’s using PCGen to create interesting and unexpected NPC’s it’s a little more difficult because you really do want all the options and source available, especially if you’re not really familiar with all the rules and you are wanting PCGen to basically show you what happens when you choose X versus Y. My suggestion is to define the NPC’s purpose overall and try to eliminate the sources that you know can’t be, or probably won’t be useful. Unfortunately there is no way I know of to load several dozens of sources and then build a PC or NPC and somehow display a list of which sources were in fact not needed after all. If there were, it would simple to unload those sources and streamline the character. But alas, DEV has enough to do without trying to create a solution for a rare outside case. I don’t remember if GMGen requires all PC/NPC’s to use the same source list (which would bloat the list), but even if it does I don’t think that project is active anymore; so we are again left with only a rare outside use case for PCGen.


Otherwise, my suggestions:


Avoid loading any source that was a 3.5 conversion unless you are sticking with only old sources otherwise you risk unintended consequences as Pathfinder later developed. Most of the rules in the 3.5 converted sources have been reworked anyway and included in later sources such as Ultimate Magic, etc. So while there might be that 1 in a 100 thing that didn’t get redefined and included in a later source, it’s probably not necessary anyway unless you’re trying to break the game. If it’s a single inventory item you need from one of these sources, edit your custom source PCC file and add an INCLUDE tag to include that item only. That way you are not slowing down PCGen by loading a source that will 99.9% be updated by one or more other sources.


Never load any of the sources for any of the modules or adventure paths unless you are playing in one of them. They are not well supported and many of them haven’t been examined in years to see if they still work as intended when newer sources are used. Especially NPC kits that rely on a base kit was ultimately redesigned after the PCGen AP source was created. i.e. for the best compatibility with an AP source, look at when the AP was published and load sources from that date or older. Then check double check the PC/NPC yourself to make sure it is accurate. YMMV. Any newer source has an incremental chance of introducing something that will break and AP NPC, item or rule, or have some unintended consequence. So with old AP’s, especially 3.5 converted ones, use newer sources sparingly.







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To follow up, and as a debugger of many issues. Loading every sourcebook for pathfinder is just asking for issues. You don't need every AP, Player Companion, nor every outlier rule book. Load the Core Supplements, and whatever additional sources are absolutely required to support your character.



On 9/18/2019 6:18 PM, Robert Johnston wrote:

Because of the sheer complexity and number or sources involved, loading all of them can/will lead to out of memory issues and extremely slow use. It will also lead to an absolute logistical nightmare for your DM. I would recommend using only what you need, and would suggest asking your DM what sourcebooks he wants to use - "All of them" is not generally a good option unless you're min/maxing.


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Just a question, Is there an option to choose ALL the sources from a category??? ??Say I play Pathfinder 1e and want my PCGen to use all of the available Pathfinder only books.?? Do I have to choose each one in the expected order so the remaining ones will become available??? ??Is there an option I'm overlooking that says use all sources available??? ??I understand this makes loading much slower.?? But how is one (noobie like me) to build a character if not all the books are available to provide the needed options.

Apologies for rambling,?? Thanks for the replies.




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