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Andrew Maitland

To follow up, and as a debugger of many issues. Loading every sourcebook for pathfinder is just asking for issues. You don't need every AP, Player Companion, nor every outlier rule book. Load the Core Supplements, and whatever additional sources are absolutely required to support your character.



On 9/18/2019 6:18 PM, Robert Johnston wrote:
Because of the sheer complexity and number or sources involved, loading all of them can/will lead to out of memory issues and extremely slow use. It will also lead to an absolute logistical nightmare for your DM. I would recommend using only what you need, and would suggest asking your DM what sourcebooks he wants to use - "All of them" is not generally a good option unless you're min/maxing.

On Wed, 18 Sep 2019 at 18:06, Kenny Noe <knoe501@...> wrote:
Just a question, Is there an option to choose ALL the sources from a category??? ??Say I play Pathfinder 1e and want my PCGen to use all of the available Pathfinder only books.?? Do I have to choose each one in the expected order so the remaining ones will become available??? ??Is there an option I'm overlooking that says use all sources available??? ??I understand this makes loading much slower.?? But how is one (noobie like me) to build a character if not all the books are available to provide the needed options.

Apologies for rambling,?? Thanks for the replies.


Robert "Anaerin" Johnston

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