Flight Maneuverability in PCGen

George Taranellos

Hi PCgen.

I have a couple of questions in relation to Manoeuvrability in PCgen.

The details...

I have a 12th Level Aasimar Paladin with Angel Wings
I have +1 Mithral Full Plate Armour
I have a Medium Encumbrance

Angel Wings - You gain a pair of gleaming feathered wings that grant a fly speed of 30 feet (average manoeuvrability) if wearing light armour or unencumbered, or 20 feet (poor manoeuvrability) with a medium or heavy load or medium or heavy armour. Fly is a class skill for you.

PCgen currently shows my Speed at Fly 20' with a maneuverability of "Average"

Question 1 - the speed seems fine based on wearing Medium Armour however the "Average" maneuverability doesn't marry up with the Angel Wings feat.  Is this correct?

Question 2 - I have Strong Wings (below) cast on me.  I add the spell as a "Temporary Bonus" in PCgen and it increases my maneuverability up to "Perfect" with a speed of 35'.  Is this correct?

Strong Wings - The target’s wings grow more powerful, causing its fly speed to increase by +10 feet and its maneuverability to improve by one category (to a maximum of good). This increase counts as an enhancement bonus. This spell has no effect on wingless creatures or winged creatures that cannot fly. 

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