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Paul Grosse

This was just a bug fix release.

[DATA-3900] - Admixture School not available for Arcanist with School Understanding exploit
[DATA-3937] - Inquisitors can't choose any domains from the listed 'deities' in Campaign Supplement Book of the Damned, Volume 2

[DATA-3938] - Pathfinder: Elemental Knight Magus archetype unable to select unique Magus Arcana & Archetype turns "unqualified" after being added.
[DATA-3939] - Accomplished Sneak Attacker feat does not bonus the Sneak Attack value.
[DATA-3940] - "Swashbuckler" Unchained Rogue Archetype Can't Get 2 Combat Trick Feats
[DATA-3941] - [Pathfinder] Elf erroneously has Giant available as a Bonus Language.
[DATA-3945] - Monk archetype maneuver master's bonus feats missing standard monk selections.
[DATA-3946] - [STARFINDER] Missing minimum level (PREPCLEVEL) setting.
[DATA-3947] - Disenchanter Archetype for Warpriest granting incorrect Bonus Feat progression.
[DATA-3948] - Dragon Disciple Draconic bloodline doesn't add correctly to existing character with draconic bloodline
[DATA-3949] - Mechanic drone does not gain specialization effects at Mechanic Lv. 3
[DATA-3950] - [STARFINDER] Racial vision types not set for Elf, Half-elf and Gnome.
[DATA-3953] - "Hunter's Surprise" (Advanced Rogue Talent) mistakenly stored as regular Talent
[DATA-3954] - [STARFINDER] Maximum walk move speed capped at 60 causing issue when land speed exceeds 60.
[DATA-3955] - [STARFINDER] Insight bonuses are stacking and not taking the highest value.
[DATA-3956] - [STARFINDER] Feat "Fleet" not adding movement bonus.
[DATA-3958] - can't add a Agathion SIlvanshee as a familiar
[DATA-3959] - Narrows Survivor Trait does not add Sense Motive as class skill [PF Taldor - Echoes of Glory (Conversion)]
[DATA-3961] - Blood of the Beast not showing up when Pathfinder Society Organized Play is selected as Game
[DATA-3962] - Cleric's Kit appears to be missing?
[DATA-3963] - [Pathfinder Monster codex]Alchemist void bombs are missing requirement for the Drow race
[DATA-3964] - Mythic Adventures - Minor/Major Artifact PRExxx unreachable
[DATA-3965] - Windstep Master archetype not showing for Unchained Monk
[DATA-3970] - Some Kineticist infusions reference their prerequisites incorrectly
[DATA-3973] - Plantmaster Requires code from Advanced Race Guide, which is not a required book.
[DATA-3975] - Glamoured Studded Leather armor does not add +1 magic bonus to AC
[DATA-3976] - Kineticist expanded element screws with character level?
New Feature
[DATA-3842] - [Starfinder] UPB's should be interchangeable with credits
[DATA-3952] - [STARFINDER] Vision and movement bonuses from augmentations not showing up.

Paul A. Grosse

On Wednesday, August 21, 2019, 9:24:38 AM EDT, swiftbrook8 <swiftbrook@...> wrote:

Any release notes?

--Paul Grosse
--PCGen BoD, PR Silverback

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