Re: RC6 Modding output texts .CLEAR not working anymore? #pathfinder

Kiala Azules

Discussion here has raised the question of whether or not the spell you are trying to .MOD is in multiple sources (or la source oading after your .MOD source)...  A later loading source with the same spell could be adding the "original" description back on top of yours..

Lissa Azules
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Sent: Sunday, July 14, 2019 3:56:15 AM
Subject: [pcgen] RC6 Modding output texts .CLEAR not working anymore? #pathfinder
I have replaced a lot of spell descriptions with my own longer ones using a syntax like
Mount.MOD           DESC:.CLEAR        DESC:blabla

The tag .CLEAR used to wipe the original content.
Now on the pdf output sheets I somehow get to see all my own texts PLUS behind this the original text.
How can I avoid this?

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