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Robert Singers

Microsoft used to have a msiexec clean up tool.  It's now a wizard on a web page.  It still works and cleans up orphaned installer configs, but it is devilishly hard to find.  

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A contributing factor is that PCGen doesn’t use the defined standards for how windows programs should be installed and uninstalled. The consequence is that the add/remove programs item has the PCGen version number in the product name field and doesn’t use the version number field. I had suggested some changes to the install/uninstall design originally set up back in the Windows XP days to be implemented for RC5. Some of them were accepted and some were not. So there may be some inconsistent behavior. I hope they will all be sorted by the time we go to release, but there are issues with the folder layout and how versions specific data are isolated that have to be addressed. The dev team is aware of the problems but is currently focused on more critical issues.



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It should have been uninstalled by a recent version.


If for some reason the registry records were messed up it would have caused something like this. 


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Is there an uninstaller in the folder where it's installed?


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Hi.   I'm looking to uninstall this version.  I don't see the uninstall nor is it listed in Windows 10 Program & Features to uninstall.

Thoughts on how to remove?


Robert Singers

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