Re: DATA question

Andrew Maitland

I suppose so, but why? What rules construct is driving this design?

On 5/9/2019 11:25 PM, markjmeans wrote:

Does anyone know how to make an ability category function as an ordered list of choices?


  1. An ability category of LIST OF ROGUE TALENTS.
  2. Abilities that can be added to that ability category are numbered abilities �#1�, �#2�, �#3�, etc.
  3. Initially only ability #1 is enabled. The others are red.
  4. Each # ability has a MULT:YES <> CHOOSE:NUMCHOICES=1 of, for example, rogue talents.
  5. As each # ability is added, regardless of which choice is made, the next # ability becomes enabled.


So for example from a new character, only #1 is enabled. The user chooses �#1 (Bleeding Attack)�. Then #2 becomes enabled. The user adds �#2 (Offensive Defense)� and #3 becomes enabled. Etc. The result is, for example:



- #1 (Bleeding Attack)

- #2 (Offensive Defense)

- #3 (Distracting Attack)



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