D&D 3.5 sources

Florian Reber

Hello everyone,

I'm still using a very, very old PcGen Version - due to my usage of a lot of CMP listfiles and since I've not been able to tranisition them from version to version for my personal usage. (Indeed, I have an old Laptop that I only use for this reason anymore, since the old PcGen version also won't run on my Win10 ...)
Until recently, I thought there were no other list files for the D&D 3.5 books.

But now I have read in some of the last messages in the old Yahoo group about "BD's sources" - and it sounded like they would contain quite everything of the old 3.5 books.
I've somehow never before read of them - can anyone hint me in the right direction? Are these source files for the old 3.5 books for current PcGen versions? Are these list files freely available?

Many thanks,
Best regards,

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