Re: RC5 no longer asks about sources when loading a character


Yes, so open PCGen, do not load the PC. Load both sources. Make sure the PC you are loading doesn’t use the Blood of Shadows source. So PCGen has currently loaded two sources. The PC indicates only one of the two sources. Now load the PC. I get no prompt informing me that there is an extra source already loaded.


You should be able to see the same thing from a fresh start of PCGen without any of my special sources or my PC. Load one or more sources form the sources screen, for example only the Core Rulebook. Create a PC and save it. Close and reopen PCGen and load the exact same sources plus one more, for example the Core Rulebook and Advanced Players Guide. Then load the saved PC that you saved with a subset of those sources. On my system, I’m getting no notice that that the loaded sources are different than the character sources. I think PCGen only displays that message if the PC refers to a source that isn’t currently loaded, not the other way around. But it should.


In the above example, while loading the APG source to the PC that is currently only using CR is trivial and it’s unlikely to break any PC, that can’t be said for some of the other Pathfinder sources that use complicated rules that modify or update prior rules, especially when the PCGen > Preferences > PCGen > sources option to “allow newer sources to override duplicate object from older sources” (which is the default setting). Therefore, when the list of currently loaded sources is different form the sources specified in the PCG file, even if the difference is only in effect adding more sources to the PC, the dialog should be displayed. Because, there is still a possibility that the PC could break as a consequence of exposing it to a new source that it has never seen.




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No prompt with your custom datasource + blood of shadows.


I thought the prompt would only show if you have items/feats/spells from Blood of Shadows in your saved character and you only currently have your custom source loaded?  I first loaded your PC with your custom source and everything worked.  I then loaded your PC with both your custom source and Blood of Shadows and everything worked.  I added an item to the PC and saved a new pcg file.  I then unloaded all the sources and loaded just your custom source.  When I loaded the new pcg PC file (with only the 1 custom source loaded), I got this (as I expected).



Maybe I am not understanding what you are going for here? 



A 1 level dip in swashbuckler for your 14th level Ninja?  😊


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I tried this with official sources and got the prompt



Next I’ll try with your files and report back.


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Still no prompt even after correcting the PC’s game mode tag. I’ve attached the relevant files.


The PC has a single source “My Pathfinder Society Campaign” which is a homebrew source set up as a mult-set so that I have a single place to edit when I buy a new Pathfinder source book that can be used with PFS and so that all my PFS characters gain the benefits of having additional source choices without having to manually edit the PCG file or update each PC’s sources.


The LSTs in the homebrew campaign are also used as a playground if I own a book that is not yet in PCGen but I need some ability, or when playing around with ideas for new features that PFS might need.


I’ve also attached the actual character, a high level PFS character. The PFS character has now been manually edited to change its game mode to Pathfinder_PFS to match the game mode of the campaign homebrew.


So I start up PCGen using the pcgen_JREx64.bat file. GO to advanced sources, set game mode to Pathfinder_PFS and load My Pathfinder Society Campaign and Blood of Shadows. Blood of Shadows is not included in the campaign homebrew. Then I go to File > Open and open the PC. No prompt. PCGen has two sources loaded. The PC has one of the two sources PCGen has loaded. So the source list is different, but no prompt.


In this case PCGen has all the needed sources plus one. PCGen silently loads the PC without warning. While fundamentally this would not cause an error for the PC since all the “needed” sources are already loaded, it does inject a new source into the PC on the next save that a user might not be aware of, and might have been a mistake. The prompt is used to alert the user that some part of the PC might be affected by a different selection of sources. This even applies if the only thing happening is adding new sources since a newer source’s data will, by default, override an older sources data if they are referring to the same ability or item. SO the prompt should appear whenever the source list is different, even if the only difference is additional sources.


Ideally the prompt should have list boxes that show the sources that are the same and the sources that are different between the so the user can make an informed decision at the prompt screen. I know that is asking alot, perhaps too much, in an RC cycle. But at least the existing prompt as it stands now should be shown if there is any difference between the loaded and the character specified sources.




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Okay, I think I figured this out. This is a VERY old PFS PC that has been updated once or twice a year and has gone through many version of PCGen, upgrading the PC each time. It was created back when PFS was not a different game mode. So the PC is set to Pathfinder_RPG even though it also specifies only a single PFS game mode multi-source. And it loads! Weird.


But at least it’s understandable why it doesn’t prompt. It’s a different game mode than what is already loaded and PCGen has never prompted the user when loading a file from different game mode.



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That's a problem :(

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