Possible pathfinder bug dealing with Ninja Tricks and Rogue Talents, let's discuss


If a high level Ninja takes the Ninja Trick > Rogue Talent it doesn’t look like the Ninja should be able to take an advanced trick. I don’t find any enabling rule for this. It looks like this trick allows selection of a normal Rogue Talent only. If this is correct, then PCGen is wrong and that’s a bug.


PCGen allows a Ninja to take the Feat -> Extra Rogue Talent (not sure it the rogue talent trick has to be taken before the feat becomes available, I haven’t checked). But this may also be wrong…


The feat Extra Rogue Talent (https://www.aonprd.com/FeatDisplay.aspx?ItemName=Extra%20Rogue%20Talent) has a prerequisite of “Rogue talent class feature”. Although Ninja has a Ninja Trick called Rogue Talent that allows a Ninja to choose a Rogue Talent (for this trick), and the Rogue Talent Trick can be taken multiple times, it doesn’t look like the feat Extra Rogue Talent should be selectable by a Ninja, even though Ninja’s base class is Rogue. I didn’t find a rule that permits the Alternate Class Ninja to gain the base classes class’s class feature “Rogue Talent”.


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