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Paul Grosse

For those that don't have discord but want to dig into the project before making one (or joining the team in Slack) Here's what Andrew posted.

Questions: Process for Open Source Project: PCGen
Answer: PCGen code base tries to follow industry standards. In the Github Repo there are 'standards' for code (Line length, breaks, javadocs, etc.) in the repo itself that can be applied to Eclipse or some of the other big IDEs
Answer #2: Git rules apply to branches - Every Feature or Bug patch should have a defined branch (You may name it whatever you like, but if you do many then a standard should be adopted). Example: We use the JIRA ID for the Branch name when we are working on a known JIRA issue. Rebase your branch before submitting.
Answer #3: Anyone on any team may REVIEW a Pull Request. All PRs should be made against the MASTER branch. Only senior volunteers have permission to merge in a PR. Typically after a year with the project and proven track record.
Documentation for the project is diverse. We have Javadocs in the files themselves, tons of notes in the WIKI and of course the end user documentation found both in the repo under the docs folder and bundled with the PCGen application.
This is for setting up your build environment
Which also covers all the standards alluded to before
This page is about UI version 3:
This explains the export template engine we are now using for the PDF and HTM documents:
Discussion on the replacement of the older 2 systems with a newer formula parser engine that is modular:
Work in Progress with the Formula System (What should work today):
Here is a meeting between Tom Parker and the content team that discusses the new system:

--Paul Grosse
--PCGen BoD, PR Silverback

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