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Paul Grosse

The documentation is under Help or F1 in the program

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Still having a bit of trouble. Every link i click for documentation brings me to a page that says: 404 - Fancy meeting you here at
so i dont seem to be able to get any help from there.

Anyway, the issue i am having is that I want to allow my Contender to use all Martial Weapons, as opposed to only the simple weapons allowed to the base cleric class. I have the following line entered in the abilities.lst file but it doesnt seem to actually add this ability to the character I've applied the class to, nor does it add it to the list of Class Features. I only see the cleric class ability of Simple Weapons. What am i missing?

Weapon and Armor Proficiency KEY:Mighty Contender ~ Weapon and Armor Proficiency CATEGORY:Special Ability TYPE:Mighty Contender Class Feature.Class Feature.SpecialQuality DESC:Mighty Contenders are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, with all types of armor (light, medium, and heavy), and with shields (except tower shields).|PREVARNEQ:DisplayFullAbility,1 ABILITY:Internal|AUTOMATIC|TYPE=ArmorProfHeavy|TYPE=ShieldProf|TYPE=WeaponProfMartial SOURCEPAGE:p.

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