Re: Rapid Reload feat not working for non-Bolt Ace Gunslinger archetypes

Andrew Maitland

Hi Christian,

The problem is Paizo tacking on things after the fact.

Original Feat text: Choose a type of crossbow (hand, light, or heavy). You can reload such weapons quickly.

Notice no mention of muskets, firearms, or variant crossbows. They started tacking on new choices after the fact, which means the team has to add the new items to the list. (Spoiler alert, a volunteer fixed one or more such variants regarding muskets which will be appearing in RC 5).

The team codes what the publisher publishes, and you need to be sharp-eyed and intimately understand how every class feature, feat, trait, etc. works to make changes after the fact. Since the Core Rulebook came out in 2008 the volunteers who worked on that original set have since moved on and are no longer active in the project. You have a new crop of hardy monkey volunteers adding several new supplements at a breakneck pace. Chances are they don't catch nuisances like old feats that need to be re-skinned. Please be patient, open a report on what doesn't work, and chances are we'll fix it. That's what we do.

But please, be kind. Remember, everyone is contributing to the project because they love gaming and sharing their time productively. They don't like people complaining at them for failing to make something perfect the first go of it. D&D d20 systems are complicated creations, and publishers are changing things constantly. We adapt and overcome.


Andrew Maitland

Board of Directors - Content Silverback

On 2/17/2019 11:54 PM, Christian Fernandez-Duque wrote:
I'm presently using the v6.08.00 RC4 version of PCGen.

I don't know if anyone has noticed this yet, but I can't make any selections for non-crossbow weapons when I select the Rapid Reload feat for gunslinger archetypes. I was able to select Rapid Reload when I selected the Bolt Ace archetype, but the only crossbows I could select were hand crossbows, light crossbows and heavy crossbows. What happens if a player wants to select something like a repeating crossbow or a minotaur crossbow?

With pistoleros, the result was the same: I was only able to select hand crossbows, light crossbows and heavy crossbows, all of which are, obviously, completely useless for pistoleros.

Furthermore, when I selected the Musket Master archetype and then selected Rapid Reload, the list of guns to specify came up completely blank. Not even the aforementioned crossbows came up in the list. So how can I select Rapid Reload (Musket) from a blank list?

Seriously, what gives?

Christian Fernandez-Duque

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