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It does, although if you're just adding TL, why not use the headband?

This is the solution if you want bespoke allocation of skills on a per level basis that doesn't
let you exceed your level in skill points in a given skill and goes away if you take off the item.

Here is one I prepared earlier:

Totally not broken Int booster<tab>KEY:My Int boosting item
<tab>BONUS:SKILLRANK|Perception|floor(TL+3/4)|TYPE=GMs pet‡
<tab>BONUS:SKILLRANK|Stealth|floor(TL+1/2)|TYPE=GMs pet
<tab>BONUS:SKILLRANK|Knowledge (dungeoneering)|TL|TYPE=GMs pet

Level    Perception   Stealth   Knowledge (dungeoneering)
1        1            1         1
2        1            1         2
3        1            2         3
4        1            2         4
5        2            3         5
6        2            3         6

I do not believe there is a way to do this in the GUI, you will have to edit a text file.

My 2c, when Paizo makes James the official FAQ writer I'll accept his forum posts
as gospel, 'til then they're just some guy's* opinion.


† The item name, key and bonus types should be read tongue firmly in cheek.
‡ ;-)
* for some value of "some guy"
  Andrew Wilson

On Sat, 2 Feb 2019, at 6:59 PM, distant_scholar wrote:
Does BONUS:SKILLRANK allow variables?  Could one use BONUS:SKILLRANK|Bluff,Listen|TL to give bonus skill ranks that automatically increase with character level?

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