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Adding my two cents as well, so far many FAQ and Rules questions have been answered by James Jacobs, while the official FAQ are answered by someone else, they merely repeat in a more formal manner what J.J. already answered in a forum post.

He's the only one actively answering on the forums as far as I know, and I haven't seen (take this with a grain of salt, I'm far from reading every post from J.J.) him corrected by someone else from the Rules team at Paizo, so far his words are taken as ruling by the community.

Besides, what he said is basically written in the SDR under the Ability Score rules. Unless there's an exception like the Headband of Vast Intelligence.
But OP said he doesn't wear a HoV but a house-ruled magic item giving a +2 to his Int score. This means it would retroactively give him skill points he could allocate as he wants to.

Now his question was if there's any way in PCGen to link an item to what has been retroactively given by this item (in this case, skill points are the only thing that needs tracking beside the usual modifiers from the +2 to Int). Paul Grosse answered that for now, there's no such way to track it beside some work-around (tracking it in the description tab of the item, etc). This could become a nice suggestion, not a high priority one but eventually, it would be nice to be able to track this kind of thing.

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Just my two cents… Agreed that James Jacobs perhaps doesn’t officially have final say on rules questions. But he is authoritative and at a level way up in orbit above anyone in the PCGen team as to what is or is not Pathfinder. In other words, James’ comment should be considered valid with respect to what PCGen *should* do unless and until overruled by someone higher up in Paizo.




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James Jacobs is creative director, he's responsible for the direction of the

story of Golarion, not for Rules. No, James does not have the final say.



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Isnt the headband of vast intelligence an exception  to this 

Permanent Bonuses: Ability bonuses with a duration greater than 1 day actually increase the relevant ability score after 24 hours. Modify all skills and statistics as appropriate. This might cause you to gain skill points, hit points, and other bonuses. These bonuses should be noted separately in case they are removed

According to this site then I would get more skill points. It has a quote from James Jacobs about this but I am not clear who he is and does he have the final say so






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