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On 1/21/2019 9:33 PM, braulio_b@... wrote:
Can anyone verify for me that the PDF of the Pathfinder Investigator does not have a section for Inspiration Points (like the Swashbuckler has for Panache or the Bard has for Performances)?  It's really easy to test out by creating a 1st level Investigator then generating the PDF.  It doesn't work for me.

But!  I did spend the last couple of hours trying to manually edit the acg_abilities_class.lst and I have come up with something that works.  It works with the Extra Inspiration feat and the Favored Class Bonus - Inspiration 1/3.

1st) Add  ASPECT:CheckType|Points    ASPECT:CheckCount|%1|InvestigatorInspirationPoolBonus|0 to the Inspiration line for Investigators
2nd) Add CATEGORY=Special Ability|Investigator ~ Inspiration.MOD        DEFINE:Inspiration_Max|0 a few lines lower where the other CATEGORY=SpecialAbility...
3rd) Add CATEGORY=Special Ability|Investigator ~ Inspiration.MOD        BONUS:VAR|Inspiration_Max|0 below step 2.

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