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Paul Grosse

Yea and the US's official measurement system is Metric, but try telling that to the private industry that doesn't have to deal with government work. Carter and the Congress should have shoved it through and forced industry to change instead of making it voluntary.

Also I have strong feelings about this. :)

Paul A. Grosse

On Thursday, January 3, 2019, 8:02:07 AM EST, Andrew W <andrew@...> wrote:

The ISO standard paper size has been officially adopted in every country in the world except Canada and the US.

In Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, and the Philippines, the US letter format is still in common use, despite their official adoption of the ISO standard.

  Andrew Wilson

On Thu, 3 Jan 2019, at 9:24 AM, Terry Jordan wrote:
G'day Happy New Year,
 Some  silly people live down under (Australia) and we use A4 paper.  Yes its based upon the metric metre.

--Paul Grosse
--PCGen BoD, PR Silverback

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