Re: Translation / other languages #pathfinder


Hello @Andrew Maitland
thanks for the response and the future plans. That was exactly what I've been looking for. A real translation to other languages. If this is already on your ToDo-List, this will be a great feature. And yes, I can wait. It was just an idea. And because of this idea I've been asking this to the crew / community, because I don't wan't to do things thats already have done by someone else or that will be integrated in future, so that the work is for nothing. 

Maybe you can do it with an additional translationfile, so that you have one file (or maybe a few more ) for one language. So this would be easier to translate to several langauges. But this is your "job" and can't tell you, who you have to do this job ;-) . 

If you need help, for the translation, just send me an e-mail. I have several E-Books (PDFs) for Pathfinder.

best whishes


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