Re: Translation / other languages #pathfinder


Thanks for the quick response. Yes this would be one method, but that's not exaktly what I thought about. For Example you have the race name "Dwarf" In german it isĀ  "Zwerg". I think if you change the race in the lst-File to "Zwerg" some things wont work, if you don't change it in all other files. Another thing would be the Abilities (Strength, Dexterity, etc.). In the english version they have shortnames like "STR", "DEX", "CON"; etc. In the german version, there are other Ones (with 2 letters) like "ST", "GE", "KO" , etc.

So if you want to translate this too, you have to cahnge everything, because these shortwords / keys, etc are used in all files. For example when you want to export the charakter to a character-sheet.

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