Re: Custom magic item pdf output names - any way to shorten them nicely?

Andrew Maitland

You did that through the spell add customizer?  I mean, sure, if you don't want to actually add a spell, you can instead just "make" an item and call it whatever you want.

We allow for grabbing a base item and renaming it in the customizer and setting your own price as well. Such is the power of customization :)



On 1/2/2019 3:47 AM, Sorcerer of Itch wrote:
I added a "page of spell knowledge" to my pathfinder character in PCGen. It has to be customized with the actual spell.
Sadly on the pdf output sheet the item which I would call "page of spell knowledge (Life Pact)" appears there with a super long unreadable name:
"Page of Spell Knowledge (Page of Spell Knowledge (2nd) (SPELLNAME[Life Pact] CASTER[Sorcerer] SPELLTYPE[Arcane] SPELLLEVEL[2] CASTERLEVEL[4] ))"
Is there a way to get an acceptably short name for it (automatically)?

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