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Paul Grosse

You could also run the resulting html output sheet through Google Translate, but that's kinda hit or miss. :)

Paul A. Grosse

On Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 12:01:04 PM EST, fragle@... <fragle@...> wrote:

first of all, I want to whish you a happy new year. You have done a great Job with PCGen. I have a question / suggestion. What do you think about translations .

My first idea was to copy and paste the Pathfinder-Datafiles and then edit the Files to translate it, but i think this will be a lot of work to complete, and I think maybe I will do a lot of mistakes, so the File won't work any more. My second idea was to write a small C#-Programm to do this job. Maybe this will work a bit faster (but the possibility of doing mistakes is nearly the same). And finaly my last idea is, to write a new DataFile for the german language, but this will be also a lot of work and I don't have much experience in writing data-files, so this will be very difficult. What do you think about this. Is there an special editor with syntax-highlighing or automatic correction / testingĀ or maybe a tool for generating these files.

Maybe you have already thought about that. Are there any law things we have to think about (e.g. copyright, etc). Maybe there will be the posibillity to add a languagefile / translationfile so that there will be an easy way to translateĀ 

Best whishes


--Paul Grosse
--PCGen BoD, PR Silverback

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