Re: How To Store Custom Equipment With Character Sheet (.pcg)?


I personally do not use the option to “Save Custom Equipment to customEquipment.lst”. I have to manage about a dozen Pathfinder characters that use several different sets of sources. Some sets of sources (like PFS) are quite large. I was worried that any saving of custom items in customEquipment.lst could cause a problem loading characters that don’t use the source that includes the item the custom item was based on, or worse pulls in an entire source I didn’t want loaded just to resolve the custom item.



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Personally I have versions all the way back to 4 something, just in case. :)

I think the option to store in the pcg file is default, and if you completely uninstalled the old data you might have to re-create. But on the off chance see if the old file "customequipment.lst" is lurking in your system somewhere.

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