How To Store Custom Equipment With Character Sheet (.pcg)?


Hi, everyone!

Am I remembering correctly that when I use the automated equipment generator (such as to make a custom scroll) there are two options of where PCGen stores the new creation: either 1) in a general custom equipment file or 2) with the character's .pcg file? If I am correct, where do I set this option? 

I thought the answer was yes and that I had set it to store with the .pcg file within the Preferences tab.

I recently upgraded to 6.08.00 RC3. Then when I loaded an old character I got a warning that a few of the character's custom items didn't exist. (Note that when I uninstalled the old, prior version of PCGen I selected the option to not save old characters, equipment... Maybe I shouldn't have!) I suspect that this error was because I didn't direct PCGen to save the custom equipment with the .pcg.


Thank you for your instructions,

PS: Thank you for bundling Java 11 with the Windows version. I was scared about all this talk about Java 11 and how it doesn't have an auto installer.... But 6.08.00 worked just fine for me since I used the Windows installer file.

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