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Hi Frost,


Facts and opinions are just that. In the past “some” people have told me that I was too blunt and should phrase things differently to coerce them. I think changing what someone communicates in order to coerce someone else into a specific way of thinking is fundamentally dishonest. It’s better to give facts, clearly stated opinion, and reasoned logic wherever possible. If the result is hard for someone to accept, then so be it. I would hope the vast majority of people can take what I write as though it were an observation of a perceived problem. Nothing more. With no emotion at all.

I will speak and write plainly to convey my meaning. If someone takes offense because I am blunt, so be it. It’s on them. I do not accept the end justifying the means. In a similar vein, if someone asks me “how do I look”, they should be prepared to accept an honest answer, good or bad. I will not lie just to protect someone feelings, whatever they might or might not be.

I am a blunt and to the point speaker.  Ask anyone who knows me.  However, I do not do it in the fashion you did.  I am still respectful and considerate.

You put a lot of people off (including me) by claiming how great a coder you are and the projects you worked on and blah blah blah.  You tried to elevate yourself above everyone else, proclaiming that you were better than everyone.

And you came across as dismissive to the development team of PCGen, who are volunteers.

I know a lot of coders and they never speak or even send e-mails like the ones you did.

I also know a lot of coders who know multiple programming languages, and they have no issues with switching between them, so your comment about "diluting your skills" or however you put it was very elitist.

You program in C#.  Big deal.  You don't need to laud it over them. and it doesn't make you an expert in Java.

You've worked on large scale development projects. Big deal.  So have these guys.  

If you called mny support line and spoke to me the way you spoke to the dev team, your issue and ticket would end up int he low priority queue.

Pull your head in re-evaluate the way you communicate.

As others have said, they have no issues with printing in PCGen and paper size selections (including myself).  Also, PCGen is a volunteer project.  Either submit a bug report to have the issue fixed, and someone will volunteer the time to do it, otherwise if it's that urgent to you, join the team and fix it yourself.

But don't sit there on your high horse and try to tell others how great you are and how bad they are.  That's disrespectful.




 Anestis (one pissed off IT support person).
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