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Hi Tom,


In C# what I’m asking for is extremely simple when called from the main thread as long as no program call was used to set the current culture prior to this call. The main thread starts with the current OS specified culture setting. Child threads inherit the current setting of the calling thread.


                string paperSize = (System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture.Name == “en-US”) ? “Letter” : “A4”;


To instead get the setting of the default printer you would use:


                string paperSize = System.Drawing.Printing.PaperSize.PaperName;


If this is not possible in Java, then fine. If it is that easy, well….





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I used to use Open Office for a long time and was constantly having to switch the paper size to US Letter while it constantly switched back to A4. I live in the US, installed on a US version of Windows 10 and had the UK English dictionary installed into Open Office for the language support in my dealing with UK companies. I understand from reading the rest of this topic that you have not had that experience. You have had the default for Windows appear nearly every time. I've check my default settings on both my business class HP printer and Windows and in other programs and they seem to not have the problem that Open Office was having. Yes, I did check my Open Office default settings and they were set to US Letter for default page size. Why would I have that problem if all my defaults were set to US/English with only the dictionaries for British/English being loaded? Genuinely curious as I've had the same problem with Apache Office and LibreOffice to the point where I have had to uninstall and reinstall without those dictionaries in all three programs to get the problem removed. No, I have not loaded Windows with anything other than US/English as the default settings, ever.

Something else that I have noticed in the things that you have typed, and it begs a question: Do you program as your main job? (no need to answer in a reply) If so then you are paid directly for the work that you have done. Those things with VB and C++ were your main source of income. My understanding of the PCGen Dev team is this is secondary to their primary income. Meaning they can't singularly focus on the issues that are not inherent to the main functionality as you have done in your work. If it were their only means of income then I would agree with you that tighter integration with the OS might be more of a priority. Keep in mind that each OS, as you probably know, has its own issues with integration. That in mind keeping something that is to be OS neutral has its issues with something as simple as reading default paper sizes across the differing OS. It would necessitate a much larger download and server space then their received donations allow.

Please do not read this as an attack just an outsider reading this thread and noticing some glaring things that seem to be missing from the discussion. I see your point Mark. I also see the point of Andrew. Somewhere in the middle is where the development of the program to try and meet the needs of the developers and players.

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