Re: More issues with RC2


On Sun, Dec 16, 2018 at 03:21 PM, markjmeans wrote:
In case it isn't clear, if anyone has taken my comments as a personal attack, I'm sorry. It's is not my intent. Though I will not change my behavior to be excessively passive or sensitive in order to eliminate that possibility.

And I hope you don't expect the rest of us to change our behaviours toward people who seem to think they are talking to a corporate support team who are getting paid to do any of this regarding a product for which you have paid handsomely. If you acknowledge that it's likely your comments are being misconstrued as "personal attack", "trying to disparage anyone's effort", "derogatory or accusatory", yet refuse to alter your communication style, don't expect anyone to be all that receptive to what you have to say.  You don't need to be excessively passive or sensitive to achieve respectful conversation.

I am surprised this discussion continues.  The entry in the uninstall isn't the right number. That's not a tragedy, and definitely not worth a bolded opinion to delay release. 

Your paper size isn't automatically selected.  Sounds like you just need to pay more attention when you're printing - especially when you are so acutely aware that the default setting with PCGen (at least on Windows) is A4.  I use another piece of software that frustrated me the same way for all of 10 seconds until I went and changed the default paper size (it is irfanView, btw).  I fully expect that this is a Java peculiarity in that there is the layer between the OS and the application and it doesn't have full awareness of its host environment (without extra programming, perhaps?).  It would explain the similar behaviour of OpenOffice, too (something I'd be much more inclined to believe people print from more frequently than PCGen).

My appreciation goes out to the people who do the programming for this product.

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