6.07.09 bugs around celestial armor


Using 6.07.09 on win10 64bit, Java 11+28. Pathfinder mode.

I have created a homebrew file to add a output translation for the "Celestial Armor" item.

"Celestial Armor.MOD         OUTPUTNAME:Celestische Ruestung        SPROP:xxx"

Issue 1:

The translated item version nicely appears in the purchaseable item list and I can add it all right to the character and it works. I can save the character file.

But when I close the character file and reload it a message pops up:

"The following warnings were encountered

- could not add equipment: Celestial Armor.MOD. Check loaded campaigns.

- could not find equipment: Celestial Armor.MOD.

Do you still wish to load the character?"

What I do find strange is that in the equipment subtab where you assign items to certain body slots the armor appears as "Celestial armor.MOD", not as "Celestial Armor". For no other items a ".MOD" appears there, even though others have .MOD-things.

Issue 2:

I also have created a new homebrew equipmod entry to add the mind-buttressing feature:

"Gedankenfeste                KEY:Special Ability ~ Gedankenfeste ~ Armor                    FORMATCAT:FRONT    NAMEOPT:NORMAL    TYPE:Armor.Shield                        PLUS:2        VISIBLE:QUALIFY                                                                    PREMULT:2,[PRETYPE:1,Enhancement],[PRETYPE:1,Armor,Shield]            SPROP:xxx.        SOURCEPAGE:HMdM 7"   

Now when I buy a custom version of the Celestial armor in the list of owned items also "Celestial Armor.MOD" appears with the weird ".MOD".

When I now go to the character sheet tab using "standard.htm.ftl" I get an error instead of the character sheet display: "Unable to process sheet
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Requested ScopeInstance for pcgen.core.EquipmentModifier Special Ability ~ Gedankenfeste ~ Armor and reached a global parent, but have only reached Scope: EQUIPMENT "

When I click on another tab now and then on character sheet tab, the error message is gone and a character sheet is displayed with a celestial armor, but the mind-buttressing feature is seems not to be there (ignored).

Any help appreciated.