Moving forums/mailing list

Paul Grosse

Hello, it's your friendly PCGen PR Silverback here, and in case you were wondering why you are getting this we felt that it was important enough for everyone to be aware of this that we switched everyone that had selected the "No Emails" option to the "Special Announcement" option.

After exploring as many options as we have been able to find the PCGen Board of Directors has settled on moving from the Yahoo! Groups to We are sending this message out as a special announcement so that many of you will get the information as possible before the scheduled move.

The process is mostly painless from the average users experience. There is an automated user list import process that will import every user that is confirmed (and not bouncing) user name, it will import your current email setting frequency and you will receive a welcome email asking to confirm your subscription. This will take place roughly within a week of the sending of this email.

If you don't want to be included in the import, simply unsubscribe from the main list here and you won't be imported. There is also a unsubscribe link in the welcome email.

Read below for the history of why this is being done.

Also for those of you that choose to contact the PCGen team via other avenues. Here are all the ways to interact with the team and other users.

Email: help at

History Lesson

Way back in 2007 we started having issues with how the Yahoo groups were acting when posting emails (delays, missing emails, etc.), they were frequently getting broken (and at one point the entire group completely vanished for close to a month), and a host of other minor issues. So we started exploring options on moving away from Yahoo.

But then user base were split on the features that everyone wanted.
A few people didn't want to move
Some people were okay with moving but would like a mailing list function.
Some people wanted forums (which we eventually did start but are sparsely used and a magnet for spammers)
Some people were okay with a move but REQUIRED a mailing list.

And an added issue is the email address that Bryan used to setup the mailing lists in 2002 doesn't exist and so we no longer have full control over the forums (Andrew and I have both talked to Yahoo support about this). has the mailing list functions, forum functions, sub group functions (instead of the seperate yahoo groups they can be brought under one account) that we want, and the interface is cleaner, doesn't have ads, and passes the EFF's privacy tests. Plus it isn't owned by Verizon which was a concern when they purchased Yahoo last year.

Paul A. Grosse
PCGen Board of Directors
PR Silverback