Re: 6.07.09 Bug?

Will Dover

Preview works now. Export does not work.  Looks like the issue is related to unarmed attacks in system\gameModes\Starfinder\base.xml.ftl, line 775:

<#assign fab = pcstring('WEAPONH.TOTALHIT')?keep_before("/")?number>

My guess is that WEAPONH.TOTALHIT is an invalid string, possibly an empty string, which blows the number parse. This line is the same in the 6.07.08 version so the WEAPONH.TOTALHIT calculation may be broken in 6.07.09.

I changed the line to this:

<#assign fab = pcstring('WEAPONH.TOTALHIT')?keep_before("/")>

Afterward, export worked. I don't have values in the Unarmed Section, but I can add an Unarmed Strike equipment to get the values on the sheet. Still a bug, but with a workaround.

Thanks for the assistance!

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