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Andrew Maitland


Cool and Yes.

Download or use a real text editor, watch some youtube videos, grab the in-built documentation, and pump out whatever you'd like.

All 'tags' are separate by TAB spaces. All tags are all CAPS (BONUS:XXX, ASPECT:, MOVE:, etc...)

First entry for most of the various files is the 'display name', it doubles as the Unique ID aka KEY:xxx, unless KEY is present. Most of the information is single line equals one item/object.

Ability files handle various features from the classes, races, and of course feats. Race handles the creatures. Class handles the HD/Level progression information. Proficiency files handle the various Armor, Shield and Weapons. Equipment and Equipment Modifier files handle adventuring gear.

I suggest taking a look at the homebrew files to see samples of objects and how they are arranged.



On 9/18/2018 5:25 PM, stark1307@... [pcgen] wrote:

I would like to add homebrew stuff and other games do you know how just curious

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