OutputSheet including Campaignhistory

Darth Sidious

Trying mod an output sheet to include the campaign history entries.  I generally output to HTML and access via my ipad or whatever.  I wanted to include my campaign history, as I have crappy handwriting and it is not easy to search.  To that end I have been transcribing my notes into the the campaign history entries.

I can add manual entries into the output sheet with something like:

<tr><td colspan="2"><font style="font-size: small"><span class="notes">${pcstring('CAMPAIGNHISTORY.VISIBLE.0.TEXT')}</span></font></td></tr>

That will indeed output the text for the first entry to html. However, when trying to do a loop to the count of the campaignhistory entries, I run into problems.  Specifically, the count token doesn't seem to work on it. I have tried using any matter of the following:

<@loop from=0 to=pcvar('COUNT[CAMPAIGNHISTORY.VISIBLE]-1') ; entry , entry_has_next>...
<@loop from=0 to=pcvar('COUNT[CAMPAIGNHISTORY]-1') ; entry , entry_has_next>...

But nothing is output to the html, even if using hello world style out put in the loop.

It looks like count is supported in listfiles via: http://pcgen.org/autobuilds/pcgen-docs/listfilepages/globalfilestagpages/globalfilesformulas.html#count

...but I can't seem to get it to work here.  I also did a simple output in text of ${pcvar('COUNT[CAMPAIGNHISTORY.VISIBLE]')},${pcvar('COUNT[CAMPAIGNHISTORY]')},${pcvar('COUNT[CLASSES]')}

...which resulted in 0,0,3.  The 3 is correct because the character in question has 3 classes.

Any help would be appreciated.

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