Problems with v6.07.08 character refresh

G Della-Croce

I have been having problems when I look at the Character Sheet with a character that I am updating.  I open the file, make a change, and then go to the Character Sheet.  The sheet says it is refreshing the sheet.  The bar runs.  It does not finish.  I have to cancel the PCGen program.  It will allow me to save the changes.  When I restart, the changes are saved.  But I can not get the Character Sheet tab to refresh.

I thought that maybe it was that particular file.  I tried it with another file.  I loaded the file and went directly to the Character Sheet.  It opened fine.  I tried to change the sheet type.  It went into refresh mode and never finished.  

Is there something I can do about this?

Thanks for looking at this.  

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