Re: Temporary class skills? Adding a class skill for one PC only

Andrew Maitland


Feats & Abilities tab, misc subtab, should be a GM Awards section.

Template has to be applied

My Diplomacy Skill

All on one line, with a tabspace between the tag and the name.


On 3/21/2016 10:39 AM, oe.oe@... [pcgen] wrote:
I tried CSKILL:Diplomacy and that did not seem to work in the templates. Hm. Will try again.

The issues with traits is that I can not select this as additional trait, since they are used up by the normal traits and I have no idea how to allow an extra trait.

I did not question the class skill as such. basically you are right, I could go with a +3 only.

Can you explain what a "GM award" is and how to get this?

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