Re: How to Reincarnate a PC?

Andrew Maitland

Hi Paul,

Hassle and integrity.

My idea is you trigger re-incarnate, you select the race that you are being reincarnated into to grant specific items.

Race then displays as Human (Reincarnated Gnome)

We can trigger stat changes fairly easy, and racial grants. Especially with the new changes in the formula parser, SET movement to new rate, assign new racial abilities and remove others.


Completely doable. Old system, which I don't have the inclination to go about doing with the lack of clarity, utilize the kill triggers on racial abilities that should no longer appear. Stats are a pain, but feasible, and movement would need a make over.


On 3/21/2016 4:52 AM, nylanfs@... [pcgen] wrote:
Why not simply remake the character with the ARG race builder? The extra feats and skills can be handled with the GM awards.

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