Re: Temporary class skills? Adding a class skill for one PC only

Andrew Maitland


This question actually belongs in our homebrew support group PCGenListFileHelp - unless the request is "Hey, can you guys add the ability to make select skills as class skills".

Place it on a template. However, we have GM awards, and you can just grant a +3 to the skill in question.

I have to ask, is there a specific reason it has to be a Class Skill? The +3 is the only benefit that a class skill grants (and only if you have at least a single rank assigned). I am unaware of any classes requiring a skill be a class skill.


On 3/21/2016 8:51 AM, oe.oe@... [pcgen] wrote:

for a specific character the GM has ruled he has diplomacy as class skill.
I'd like to put this into PCGen without changing all characters.

So is there a way to add a skill to the list of class skills temporarily?
I am able to homebrew a temporary +3 condition but that does not make it a class skill.

Any idea how and where to add a class skill to one PCs list?

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