Re: Where are the outputsheet headlines to be found?

Andrew Maitland


The statsandchecks.lst file in the gameModes folder or if 6.06.00, the base rule book which would be x__stats.lst and x__saves.lst.

I do not believe OUTPUTNAME will work there, but you can try.

The cmb block is hardcoded terms the blocks should be in the weapons block.

If you want specific code, you should either hit the experimental or international groups. International is better for the language support. Though we are slowly working towards proper support.


On 3/20/2016 2:55 AM, oe.oe@... [pcgen] wrote:
Can you explain what you mean with "stat file"? Is there any way to translate the stats, saves?

And: I also couldnt find the term "Melee" anywhere. Where would I need to go to translate this (the melee, ranged, cmb block below the saves block)?

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