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On 2016-03-19 15:47, Andrew drew0500@... [pcgen] wrote:
Ow, my head hurts trying to keep straight what you keep, and what you'd lose.

Since there is a chart, I suppose you could apply a template that grants the reincarnated stuff. But the lack of clear guidance on some of issues means this would be a moving target issue.

I cannot even attempt to code something without a clear "a impacts b which grants c" logic to work with. I can enable and disable quite a lot, but the problem is much of that is unknown.

Been thinking overnight.
What I most need is guidance and advice on how to amend an existing character, and what support I can get from the PCGen program (and where, if anywhere, it makes life difficult).

Things I want to make work, and am happy to rule on include
* was Human: keep the initial Feat (per a DM (me!) decision) and the +1 SP/level up to current level - the Skills are life experiences like Class training.
* was Elf: keep the weapon proficiencies (from time as youth)
* become Halfling: do *not* gain racial weapon proficiencies (no youth time)
* lose bodily functions (movement, low-light vision, darkvision, energy resistance), and gain new ones.

My thought overnight is:

* since both races (whichever they are) are Standard Races - no weird properties
* I can take the relevant properties from each and make a "Elf-to-Halfling reincarnated" one-off race.
* I can either create a proper Race in LST, or use the ARG Race Builder
* all the bog-standard races can be coded in the ARG, and the point cost illustrates how neutral the re-build is.
* the ARG will bypass any built-in Racial HD (e.g. reincarnate as Bugbear)
* ARG won't know how to cope if I reincarnate a spirit which started life as a Bugbear.

So how tolerant is PCGen at taking an 8th level character and removing one race and adding another?

Get a publisher explanation and I will think on a solution.

If your DM/GM has a clear idea of what happens, then I can help you set up your homebrew solution.

DM is me - I'mboth  DM and PCGen wrangler...



On 3/19/2016 8:07 AM, Doug Limmer adventure@... [pcgen] wrote:
Some of those are questions for the DM/GM.  But, as far as PCGen goes, I'd probably write up a new character sheet from scratch.  It sounds like the only non-standard thing is ability scores, which one can directly modify as-is.

You could try changing the race, and seeing how close you get with just that.


On 03/19/2016 06:29 AM, TAYLOR NEIL saxum.caribetum@... [pcgen] wrote:

So, it had to happen...

A character died, and the body was incomplete - so even if they could afford Raise Dead, they couldn't use it. Off to the friendly local Druid :-)

He agreed to Reincarnate the fellow... we got one of the simple transitions: Human to Gnome. It's now down to me to work through PCGen and lake it happen. It could have been worse: Bugbear, Gnoll,Lizardfolk, Troglodyte - all with racial HD not just character levels. For added fun, could have been one of those races in the first place...

First discovery - I can't find anything obvious to make the transition happen. Not Template or such.

* He retains all the class stuff, including HP. That implies that reincarnating as a race with Racial HD, you don't get them. Reincarnating from a race with Racial HD, you keep them (!).

* he loses Racial adjustments to Str, Dex, & Con, but keeps Int, Wis, & Cha.

* he gets a new adjustment from a table *which is not the normal Race table* (e.g.Human gets a fixed +2 Con.)

* I'll ignore negative levels - they had enough to components to cast Restoration.

* The reincarnated creature gains all the abilities associated with it's new form, including movement,..extraordinary abilities and the like.

* I'll presume for sanity and consistency that it *loses* the equivalents from the old race. (E.g. Troglodyte -> Bugbear!)

I presume further that if this fool were to lose his head (again!!) then the racial adjustments to undo would come from the Reincarnation table, not the current or original race.

So it looks to me as though there's a certain amount of manual adjustment. There may also be some .PCG hacking needed, too.

For instance, if reincarnating as a creature which normally has Racial HD, but does not in this case, then gaining class levels should not trigger the Ability Adjustments (+4, +4, +2, +2, -2). Nor lose them if previously applied (Troglodyte with class levels?).

Has anyone got some helpful suggestions for this?

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