Adding a unique sword

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I have been adding some special magic items to the .lst files for the Adventure Path I am currently running. I am running into a problem with a special sword though. Its a +1 undead bane mithral rapier, with some other bonuses (saving throws and a once/day magic effect) that would just be noted in the description. However, I am doing something wrong because it won't show up in PCGen. I'm using 6.06.00 RC3.

The block is under this heading:

####Block: Melee Weapons
# Equipment Name Required Weapon Proficiency Type Cost Weight Crit Mult Crit Range Damage Modifier Wield Category Size Source Page Special Property

The block I have tried to add reads as:

Fangalor     PROFICIENCY:WEAPON|Longsword TYPE:Weapon.Resizable.Melee.Martial.Specific.Slashing.Sword COST:9320 WT:2 CRITMULT:x2 CRITRANGE:3 DAMAGE:1d6 EQMOD:MAGIC_COST|8250.PLUS2W.STEEL WIELD:OneHanded SIZE:M SOURCEPAGE:p.62 SPROP:+2 resistance bonus to all saves against negative energy and level drain. User can make two Fort saves to recover from a negative level, taking the better of the two results. Once per day, when it critically hits an undead creature, it can target the undead creature with a halt undead effect (Will DC 14 negates) as a swift action.

I was just going to add this then in PCGen add the +1 bane undead and mithral qualities. I know the PCGen guys are really busy, but even a quick suggestion might help.

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