Re: 6.06.00 Mac version

Ryan Johnston

Andrew is correct. The most recent release of PCGen will run just fine on a mac. Here are the steps to get the software running on a Mac:

2. Navigate to extracted folder
3. double-click pcgen.jar

Notes: You might get some warnings about opening software downloaded from the Internet. Go ahead and open it.

You might need to make sure that "Allow apps downloaded from 'Anywhere'". That setting is in System Preferences->General


If you want to download and compile the development version (currently at 6.06.00 RC3), download the zip file here:

And follow the instructions from the wiki to build the jar:


- Ryan Johnston

On Mon, Mar 7, 2016 at 5:09 AM, Andrew drew0500@... [pcgen] <pcgen@...> wrote:


Thanks for the compliments!

There is no planned Mac release. Apple has changed some important things they include or don't include, which has made it impossible for our new Mac volunteers to figure out how to create an actual Mac app build. However, the zip folder version can work on a Mac and is listed as the Mac download on sourceforge.


On 3/7/2016 2:50 AM, jmichell1@... [pcgen] wrote:


 I have just started using PCGen and have to say this is a fantastic product and thanks to all who have created it. Is there and new if/when the MAC version of 6.06.00 will be released?



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