Code Team Changes!

Paul Grosse

After 15 years of hard work James Dempsey is leaving the project as the Code Silverback for what sounds to be some interesting work.

From James:

Over the next couple of years and, I guess, for the foreseeable future, I expect all of my free time to be taken up with intense study and research. It’s pretty exciting but won’t leave room for much else other than work and family life.

It’s been a heap of fun contributing to the PCGen program all these years, and this is very much due to the good folk in the board of directors and the various teams. Thanks for having me along and best wishes for the future.

We want to thank James for his solid years of commitment to the PCGen project. His steady hand at the helm will be sorely missed.

Connor Petty (cpmeister) volunteered to be the Code Silverback after the news went out that James was stepping down.

Connor joined the Code Team in 2008. He shepherded the the UI changes from v5.16 to present and has been an invaluable resource.

Please join us in welcoming Connor into his new role as the leader for the code team!

Paul Grosse

PCGen PR Silverback

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