Re: Pathfinder Multiclass Data Bug

Andrew Maitland


We require user accounts to prevent spam by open access, plus makes it easier to follow up if a report is lacking details, which is the case quite frequently.

Known issue, and fixed in the autobuild.


On 1/28/2016 10:41 AM, vze4v822@... [pcgen] wrote:
I'd report to JIRA, but it doesn't seem to allow filling without an account.

* Load PCGen v6.06.00 RC1 in Pathfinder Mode (Data loaded: Pathfinder RPG Core Supplements, Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide (Anniversary Edition).
* Create a new character (Type: PC/NPC doesn't matter).
* Race: Whichever, or blank, doesn't seem to matter.
* Add a level or more of a PC class. (Example: Ranger; but randomly selecting various cause it.)
* Add a level or more of a different PC class. (Example: Rogue; but randomly selecting various cause it.)
* Notice "Things to be done" has added the abilities meant for Monster-advancement-with-PC-class abilities: Class Level [+2/+4/-2] Ability Adjustment

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