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Andrew Maitland

Hi all,

It is the policy of PCGen to attempt to stay true to the source books, errata and rules/Faqs as best we can. We obtain publisher permission to use their materials based upon this premise and to do otherwise would be in violation of what we told the publishers. This is also why we only use the publisher official channels to verify errors and corrections. We must maintain this standard to the best of our ability.

As I've mentioned before, I will not support multiple versions of any item - everyone has a "favorite" version they would want to support and it would become a logistical nightmare to do so. Don't believe me? ask the maintainer of the PFS rules and their Seasons of play.

Pathfinder and Pathfinder Society have stated what is official for their systems. Anything outside of the official bounds is house rules and homebrew. I will endeavor to allow homebrew and houserule support, BUT, I will not maintain multiple versions in official source releases. That is outside my scope and frankly an onerous contract to place on an already strained volunteer team.

Ergo, if you choose to have alternative rules, that is within your jurisdiction to implement and use as you desire. I will work with you explaining how to enable such rules. Doing such items is not a pcgen group discussion, but belongs over on the homebrew / list file help group.

Beyond that, if we update a source book, it will follow the existing rules as per the publisher's wishes, nothing more, nothing less.


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The change to use Intelligence was a change made in a FAQ because um... it was too powerful to use Con or some such.  So they nerfed it. Or something.  Personally, I prefer the Con rules, I think that's more in spirit with the original design of the class.

started in a number of forum threads.
possibly into an FAQ.
they sold out of ARG and reprinted, and made the change in print & PDF, published the differences as errata , and called it official.

Many would call it Nerfing - but a Con bonus is so valuable anyway I'd agree it's the wrong sort of bonus.

SO I would suggest that there be two versions of this archetype.  Leave the current one in, but rename it to "Scared Witch Doctor (Original)" or something... then create the new one.

Cause I for one still use the old version.  I don't agree with their assessment that using it was OP, in fact I Think it's WORSE now... After all, a Half-Orc counts as an orc and can therefore take it.  Put an 18 in Int then make your Half-Orc bonus +2 Int... throw this on top and you got a 22 Int witch at 1st level.

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